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Andrew Glynn


Piano Lessons

Andrew Glynn is a seasoned musician with a deep passion for piano and a rich history of musical involvement that has left a significant impact on the world of music. He embarked on his musical journey as a pit musician for Saginaw's renowned Pit & Balcony Theater, where his exceptional piano skills enriched live theatrical productions, setting the stage for his remarkable musical career.

Andrew's musical versatility extended to accompanying choirs and serving as a rehearsal pianist for various youth choirs and musicals at the Midland Center For The Arts. His adeptness as a pianist and accompanist became evident through his ability to bring out the best in performers and contribute to the success of numerous musical productions. His dedication to the piano as both a solo instrument and a collaborative tool is a testament to his deep love for music. Andrew's passion for piano and his ability to elevate musical performances make him a sought-after figure in the world of music.

Andrew Glynn